“Music is a powerful force. Whether we are the performer or the listener, music is part of who are and how we develop. I believe that music, particularly the gift of song, is a vehicle for young people to make sense of a world where social media bombards us at an alarming speed and where we as a society are becoming desensitized to violence, cruelty, hardship, and even death. The music classroom offers a safe place for students to share emotions, passion, and camaraderie through their music. Choral students gain life-long skills not only reading music and singing with a beautiful tone, but more importantly, they discover beauty in sound, develop sensitivity in diversity, and collaborate to achieve excellence. It is my belief that every child has a voice that needs to be heard, a heart that needs to be touched, and a song that needs to be sung. It is impossible to put a price tag on music education. Rather, it is a gift of knowledge, creativity, compassion, empathy, and love. There is no greater gift one can give to another human being. I am honored to be your child’s choral director at Apex Friendship High School. Let’s work together to create an amazing first year!!!!”

—Jacquie Holcombe

AFHS Choral Director